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Retaining Walls

Foundation Armor’s extensive line of professional-grade concrete sealers is designed to provide lasting protection against surface abrasion and water damage. Whether you are looking to preserve and maintain the natural, unsealed look of your retaining wall, or instantly renew dull and faded coloring, Foundation Armor has a sealer for your retaining wall. Use the links below to shop by category, or call us directly at 866-306-0246 for help with product selection.

Sealer Type

Penetrating Sealers

Foundation Armor’s penetrating sealers are designed for unsealed concrete, brick, and block retaining walls. They work entirely below the surface to protect your retaining wall without leaving a visible surface film. Penetrating sealers are great if you are looking to reduce damage and deterioration to your driveway without having to maintain a coating.

Sealer Type

Low & High Gloss Sealers

If you are looking to enhance the color of your retaining wall, and add a low to high gloss finish, Foundation Armor acrylic sealers are a great option. They will also leave behind a protective surface film that is designed to reduce damage and deterioration caused by water absorption and exposure to the elements.

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