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Best High Gloss Concrete Sealers

The best high gloss concrete sealer for your concrete will depend on what you want your concrete to look like once sealed, what you want your concrete sealer to offer in terms of performance, and whether you are sealing interior or exterior concrete.

Exterior High Gloss Concrete Sealers

If you are sealing exterior concrete and you want a high gloss sealer, then you want an acrylic concrete sealer. Under the category of acrylic sealers there are water based acrylic sealers and solvent based acrylic sealers. While both categories of acrylic sealers offer very similar performance abilities, there are a few differences between them.

Solvent Based Acrylic Sealers: Solvent based high gloss acrylic sealers like the Armor AR500, Armor AX25, and Armor LV25 will darken the concrete to bring out any dull and faded coloring and enhance the concrete with a durable high gloss finish. If you would prefer a tint, solvent based acrylic sealers can be tinted with a semi-transparent gray or brown finish, and they can be tinted with one of several opaque color options. They are easy to apply, easy to repair, easy to maintain, and easy to recoat.

Water Based Acrylic Sealers: Water based high gloss acrylic sealers like the Armor WB25 will slightly enhance the color of the concrete and leave behind a durable high gloss finish. The Armor WB25 can’t be tinted, but it does offer the benefit of being low odor. If strong odors are of concern, water based acrylic sealers are a great option. They are easy to apply but require a little more work to maintain and recoat than solvent based acrylic sealers.

Before choosing the best high gloss concrete sealer it is important to know what your concrete is currently sealed with. If it is unsealed, you can choose to apply the sealer of your choice. If your concrete is sealed, and you can visibly see the sealer work, or visibly see a surface coating, then you want to make sure that the sealer you are recoating the concrete with is compatible with the sealer you have down. A good rule of thumb is that water based acrylic sealers need to be recoated with water-based acrylics, and solvent based acrylic sealers need to be recoated with solvent based acrylic sealers. If you have any questions about compatibility, contact a Foundation Armor technician and they can answer any questions you may have.

Interior High Gloss Concrete Sealers

Any of the above acrylic sealers can also be applied in doors. If you need something with more resistance to oil, gas, and chemicals, then you need a concrete coating instead. Concrete coatings are typically epoxy or urethane based and will provide more resistance to harsh liquids and chemicals. Great interior coatings include the Armor UTN60 and Armor UTX60.

If your interior concrete is smooth polished, or if you are sealing concrete in a living area, like a living room or finished basement, often times you can get away with using a concrete wax instead of a concrete coating. Waxes, like the Armor Concrete Wax, are very easy to apply and require little to no prep work on the concrete. They can also be applied often so anytime you want more of a gloss enhancement, you can mop on a quick recoat.

With so many options it can be hard to choose the best one. If you have questions and want help with product selection, feel free to contact a Foundation Armor technician.

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