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Benefits of Using a Concrete Densifier on a Warehouse Floor

Concrete densifiers are very popular options for warehouse floors and are commonly used as part of the polishing process. In addition to providing the concrete with an instant increase in strength and density, the concrete will continue to get harder and shinier over time. Silicate sealers don’t have to be reapplied, and they don’t leave behind a film or coating. They are a great cost effective option for high traffic warehouse floors.

How Do They Work?

Concrete densifiers penetrate into the surface of the concrete where they chemically react with the free lime and calcium in the concrete to form calcium silicate hydrate (CSH) in the pores. By filling the pores of the concrete, the density of the concrete is increased, and so is the strength. Concrete sealed with a densifier can experience an increase in strength of up to 45%.

What Are The Benefits?

There are several benefits that come along with increasing the strength and density of the concrete:

  • Concrete is more resistant to damage and deterioration caused by surface abrasion
  • Concrete dusting is reduced
  • The movement of subsurface water and moisture through the pores of the concrete is reduced
  • When used as part of the polishing process, the concrete will achieve a stronger surface with a higher shine
  • Concrete densifiers are cost effective, easy to apply, and only have to be applied once
  • The CSH formed in the pores of the concrete is permanent and can only be removed if the concrete itself is removed
  • Concrete densifiers work entirely below the surface and won’t change the look or color of the concrete

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