Concrete driveways, brick driveways, and paver driveways should be sealed, and if they haven't been sealed already, now is the perfect time to do it! 

There are many reasons why you should consider sealing your driveway, but the 10 top reasons are as follows:

  1. Reduce deterioration and dusting caused by surface abrasion.
  2. Reduce cracking, spalling, and pitting caused by water absorption.
  3. Reduce staining caused by irrigation systems, the absorption of water, and organic matter.
  4. Reduce staining caused by oil, gas, and other vehicle spills.
  5. Reduce discoloration caused by exposure to the elements.
  6. Reduce efflorescence caused by the movement of salt to the surface.
  7. Reduce mold, moldew, and algea growth on the surface.  
  8. Reduce fading and discoloration caused by UV rays.
  9. Reduce fading and discoloration caused by surface abrasion.
  10. Extend the surface life of the surface.

You work hard for your house, and hard on your off time to maintain your property. Your driveway is a main focul point and even though it gets the most traffic, it is ofter overlooked. Stamped concrete, poured concrete, brick, and paver driveways are as vulnurable as they are durable. Something as simple as water absorption can take years of life off of your driveway.

There are several driveway sealers that can be used in order to protect your driveway. Each category of sealer offers its own set of benefits.

Armor SX5000 Water Repellent Driveway Sealer

Penetrating Sealers: Penetrating sealers, like the Armor SX5000, are designed to protect the driveway without changing the look or color. It works entirely below the surface and won't leave behind a slippery surface film. Penetrating sealers are popular for their ease of use, benefits,

 and life. When properly applied, penetrating sealers can last for up to 10 or more years. Penetrating sealers help to reduce deterioration and staining caused by water absorption, snow and ice.

A second type of penetrating sealer is a densifier like the Armor S2000. Densifiers are very different from water repellents like the Armor SX5000. Densifiers are designed to increase the surface strength of the concrete and help reduce deterioration caused by surface abrasion, such as dusting. They do not repel water and won't help against deterioration caused by water absorp

tion. Densifiers should only be used on poured concrete surfaces and should be followed with the application of a water repellent sealer 7-10 days later for best results.  

Armor AR350 Wet Look Concrete SealerCoatings: Coatings, like the Armor AR350 wet look sealer and the Armor AR500 high gloss sealer, are designed to protect and enhance the surface of the driveway. They darken the surface and leave behind a visible low or high gloss surface film. They can also be tinted if you are looking for a color change. If you want to enhance the look or color of the driveway, or require total protection, an acrylic sealer is the best choice. Acrylic sealers need to be recoated every 2-5 years in order to maintain a consistant finish. 

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