Armor WL550 Wet Look Sealer - Matte Finish

The Armor WL550 is a versatile wet look sealer that can be used on virtually all types of porous masonry including concrete, brick, flagstone, natural stone, pavers, aggregate, and more. It will darken the surface to make it look wet, and it won't leave behind a visible surface film. The Armor WL550 doubles as a water repellent sealer and will reduce damage and deterioration caused by water absorption such as cracking, spalling, pitting, and staining. The Armor WL550 is a great sealer if you are looking for a low-maintenance solution to enhancing and protecting your concrete or masonry surface.

For best results, two coats are suggested with either a roller or pump sprayer. Coats should be applied wet-on-wet. The Armor WL550 can be applied to unsealed concrete and masonry surfaces. The best time to apply the Armor WL550 wet look sealer is late afternoon or early evening, when the surface is completely dry and has had time to cool down from exposure to the sun. On average, a 5 gallon pail will cover up to 500 FT2 in two coats (varies depending on surface porosity).




Wet Look Matte Finish Concrete Sealer

Armor WL550 Wet Look Enhancer Sealer PRO (1 GAL)

ARMOR WL550 Enhancer Pro Concrete Darkening

Armor WL550 Wet Look Enhancer Sealer PRO (5 GAL)