WB15 – Low Gloss Acrylic Concrete Sealer


The Armor WB15 is a low gloss water based acrylic concrete sealer that is ASTM tested and approved as a cure and seal. It can be applied to existing concrete, aggregate, pre-cast concrete tiles, and paver surfaces, as well as concrete surfaces that are less than 28 days old. It can be applied to unsealed surfaces as well as surfaces that have been previously sealed with a water based acrylic.

When applied to new concrete surfaces, the Armor WB15 will aid in proper curing, while protecting the surface against premature deterioration and staining. When applied to existing surfaces, the Armor WB15 will help to provide an attractive low gloss finish. The Armor WB15 will help to prevent integral colors from fading, but it will not provide a darkened surface or wet look finish. For that, you would need the Armor AR350 for existing surfaces or the Armor AX25 for newly poured concrete.

The Armor WB15 low gloss sealer is resistant to UV rays, hot tire pickup, exposure to sprinkler systems and pool water, mold and mildew, and efflorescence.

Meets ASTM 1315 and ASTM C 309 standards.





Pump sprayer or roller.


1 coat required, 2 coats suggested.


5 gallons will cover up to 875-1250 square feet in one coat.


Clear low gloss.

Expected Life

Up to 2-5 years before the need to recoat.