Smooth Concrete

Smooth Concrete Sealers

Foundation Armor manufactures several types of sealers and coatings that can be applied to smooth concrete surfaces. Whether you are looking for a penetrating sealer to help prevent deterioration and staining, or a wet look or high gloss coating to both enhance and protect the surface, Foundation Armor has a professional grade, easy to apply produce for your application.




Penetrating Sealers for Smooth Concrete

Penetrating concrete sealers are designed to penetrate through the surface of the concrete where they will chemically react below the surface. They will not change the look or color of the surface, and they won’t leave behind a visible surface film. They are designed to help reduce deterioration caused by water absorption such as cracking, spalling, pitting, mold and mildew growth, and the formation of efflorescence. Foundation Armor penetrating sealers can be applied to a clean and dry smooth concrete surface with a pump sprayer or roller.

Armor SX5000 - DOT approved solvent based water repellent sealer.

Armor SX5000 WB - DOT approved water based water repellent sealer.

For weak or deterioration concrete, or concrete that requires an increase in strength or density, a concrete densifier and surface hardener can be used prior to the application of a water repellent sealer. Densifiers are also commonly used in concrete floor polishing applications.

Armor L3000 - Concentrated lithium silicate surface hardener and densifier.

Armor S2000 - Concentrated sodium silicate surface hardener and densifier.




Wet Look and High Gloss Sealers for Smooth Concrete

Wet look and high gloss sealers are designed to enhance the color of the concrete surface and leave behind a long lasting, protective surface film. They help to reduce staining, hot tire pickup, mold and mildew growth, concrete dusting, and other surface issues caused by abrasion or exposure to UV rays.

Foundation Armor wet look and high gloss sealers can easily be applied to interior or exterior smooth concrete without any additional surface preparation aside from having a clean and dry surface. They can be applied with a pump sprayer or roller.

Armor AR350 - Solvent based wet look/low gloss acrylic sealer.

Armor AR500 - Solvent based high gloss acrylic sealer.

Armor AX25 - Solvent based siloxane infused high gloss acrylic sealer.