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Foundation Armor sealers and coatings can be applied to a variety of interior and exterior concrete and masonry surfaces. From long lasting water repellent sealers to oil and gas resistant coatings, Foundation Armor products are designed to out-last and out-perform. Foundation Armor products are manufactured in the U.S. and can be shipped anywhere within just a few days.


Whether you are a contractor looking to seal a bridge deck, or a DIY homeowner with a weekend project, Foundation Armor Technicians are here to help. Chat with us live or call us direct at 866-306-0246.


Brick Sealers

Penetrating water repellent sealers, wet look and high gloss sealers for interior and exterior, vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces. LEARN MORE

Stamped Concrete Sealers

Wet look, low gloss, and high gloss sealers designed to enhance and protect stamped concrete driveways, patios, and pool decks. LEARN MORE

Broom Finished Concrete Sealers

Concrete densifiers and surface hardeners, penetrating water repellent sealers, and low to high gloss coatings that can be used to seal a variety of broom finished concrete surfaces. LEARN MORE

Paver Sealers

Penetrating water repellent sealers, wet look and high gloss sealers for sealing, enhancing, and protecting paver driveways and walkways, paver patios, and paver pool decks. LEARN MORE

Exposed Aggregate Sealers

Enhance and protect exposed aggregate surfaces, and prevent lose pebbles with a wet look, low gloss, high gloss, or brown tinted exposed aggregate sealer. LEARN MORE

Stucco Sealers

Invisible, penetrating, water repellent sealers for protecting vertical and horizontal stucco surfaces. LEARN MORE

Natural Stone Sealers

Seal, protect, and enhance natural stone surfaces with a water repellent sealer, wet look sealer, or high gloss sealer. LEARN MORE

Roof Sealers

Invisible water repellent sealers and durable UV resistant coatings for concrete and clay tile roofs. LEARN MORE

Smooth and Trowel Finished Concrete Sealers

DOT approved water repellent sealers, concrete surface hardeners and densifiers, and long lasting coatings for interior and exterior concrete. LEARN MORE

Concrete Block, Cinderblock, CMU Block Sealers

Penetrating water repellent sealers and concrete surface hardeners and densifiers for concrete block. LEARN MORE

Where To Buy

Foundation Armor concrete sealers, masonry sealers, and concrete coatings are available direct from the us, the manufacturer at They can also be purchased on,,,,, and various other online distributors. Shipping is free on all orders over $150. Orders are shipped out of Tax-Free New Hampshire. Foundation Armor ships via UPS, USPS, FedEx, and freight. Questions? 866-306-0246.