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Concrete Sealers & Coatings for DIY Residential

Foundation Armor’s line of professional grade sealers and coatings are available to both homeowners and contracts. The same great products used by professionals can easily be applied by the DIY-homeowner. Whether you are looking for a penetrating water repellent sealer for your concrete driveway or a high gloss sealer for your pool deck, we have a product for you.

Not sure which product is best for your application? Chat with us Live, or call us direct at 866-306-0246. Foundation Armor sealers and coatings can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. Shipping is free on all orders over $150, and all orders are processed and shipped same day.



Penetrating Concrete Sealers - Sealers That Won’t Change the Look of Your Concrete

Foundation Armor penetrating concrete sealers are designed to chemically react below the surface without changing the look or color of the concrete. They do not leave behind a slippery surface film and can provide up to 10 years of life before the need for a re-application. They can be used to seal a variety of surfaces including concrete driveways, paver patios, brick walls, concrete curbing, stamped concrete pool decks, and more.

Penetrating Water Repellent Sealers: Foundation Armor water repellent sealers are DOT-approved sealers designed to reduce surface water absorption by up to 95%. Surfaces sealed with a water repellent sealer are more resistant to cracking, spalling, pitting, mold and mildew, staining, and efflorescence. LEARN MORE

Concrete Densifiers: Foundation Armor concrete densifiers and surface hardeners are designed to increase the surface strength and density of the concrete by up to 45%. Densifiers can be applied alone, or prior to the application of a water repellent sealer. LEARN MORE




Concrete Coatings – Coatings That Visibly Protect Your Concrete

Foundation Armor concrete coatings can be applied to interior or exterior concrete, paver, aggregate, and natural stone surfaces. They are designed to enhance the surface with a low to high gloss finish, and protect it against deterioration caused by water absorption and surface abrasion. Foundation Armor coatings are UV resistant, easy to apply, and designed to stand up to changes in weather and temperature.

Wet Look-Low Gloss Acrylic: Will enhance dull or faded surfaces, giving them the appearance of being "wet". LEARN MORE

High Gloss Acrylic: Will enhance dull or faded surfaces with a durable, long lasting high gloss finish that won't yellow, peel, or flake. LEARN MORE

High Gloss Siloxane-Infused Acrylic: Will enhance dull or faded surfaces and protect them from the damaging effects of water. LEARN MORE

Epoxy: Commonly used on basement floors and prior to the installation of moisture sensitive flooring, such as wood. LEARN MORE

Urethane: Commonly used to seal garage floors, and floors exposed to harsh liquids and chemicals. LEARN MORE




Shop By Application

Foundation Armor manufactures several penetrating concrete sealers, topical concrete sealers, and concrete coatings that can be used on residential applications.

Concrete Curbing
Garage Floors
Pool Decks
Sidewalks & Walkways




Custom Color Options

Foundation Armor concrete coatings can be applied in clear over bare, colored, or acid stained concrete. They can also be applied in one of several color options.

Wet Look-Low Gloss: The Armor AR350 comes in clear, as well as 14 additional color options. SHOP NOW

High Gloss: The Armor AR500, AX25 and UTN60 comes in clear, as well as 14 additional color options. SHOP NOW

Brown Tinted: The Armor AG Brown Seal offers a translucent brown-tinted high gloss finish commonly used to seal exposed aggregate and aggregate concrete surfaces. SHOP NOW

Acid Stain: Add color to our deep penetrating permanent acid stains for interior and exterior concrete surfaces. SHOP NOW