The Armor L3000 is a concentrated, fast-acting lithium silicate densifier and surface hardener. It chemically reacts below the surface to form a permanent Calcium Silicate Hydrate (CSH) structure within the pores that can only be removed when the concrete itself is removed. It will not change the look or color of the concrete, and it won’t leave behind a visible surface film.

The Armor L3000 will help to increase the strength and density of the concrete by up to 45% and can be used on virtually all types of unsealed interior and exterior concrete. Surfaces sealed with the Armor L3000 will become more resistant to surface abrasion and concrete dusting. The Armor L3000 is a great sealer for use on polished concrete floors (as part of the polishing process), basement and garage floors, warehouse floors, concrete driveways and walkways, and more.

Looking for a sodium silicate? Consider the Armor S2000.





Pump sprayer.


1 coat required, 2 coats suggested.


900-1250 FT2/gallon in one coat once diluted.



Expected Life