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Foundation Armor manufactures several coatings that can be applied to interior concrete floors. From office and retail floors, to garage and warehouse floors, Foundation Armor coatings are designed to stand up to high traffic, forklifts, and oil and gas spills. Whether you are a homeowner looking to seal your garage floor, or a commercial contractor looking to seal an automotive repair facility, we have a coating for you. Still have questions? Chat with us live or call us direct at 866-306-0246.

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DIY Concrete Coatings

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Foundation Armor manufactures several durable coatings that can easily be applied to a clean and dry concrete floor without the use of acid etching or diamond grinding. They are resistant to some exposure to oil and gas, hot tire pickup, de-icing salts, staining, mold and mildew, and efflorescence. They are breathable coatings and will not trap moisture below the surface. Available in clear and color options, Foundation Armor interior coatings make a great, affordable solution for sealing interior concrete.

AR350: Solvent based low gloss acrylic coating.

AR500: Solvent based high gloss acrylic coating.

AX25: Solvent based Siloxane infused high gloss acrylic coating.

Armor LV25: Solvent based high gloss acrylic coating for new concrete.

Armor WB25: Water based high gloss acrylic coating for new and existing concrete.

Industrial Coatings

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Foundation Armor industrial coatings are designed to stand up to everything from forklift traffic to chemical spills. Application requires the use of a diamond grinder, but when properly applied can yield up to 10 years of life.

Armor UTN60: Solvent based aliphatic urethane resistant to oil and gas, harsh liquids and chemicals. Color options available.

Armor Epoxy: Self priming water based primer and top coat designed to help reduce moisture.

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