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How To Stop Mineral Deposits on Acrylic Concrete Sealers

White spots, or spots, that develop on the surface of the coating that can’t be removed with Xylene or the Armor Blush Repair are mineral deposits that have bonded to the acrylic sealer. Mineral deposits form when unfiltered water washes over the surface of the acrylic sealer and evaporates, leaving the minerals on the surface of the acrylic. White spots also commonly form on acrylic sealers around saltwater pools, irrigation systems, near-by mineral enriched landscape and hardscape and unfiltered exterior water sources.

  • To remove mineral or salt water deposits, apply and scrub the surface with a cleaner designed specifically to remove hard-water stains and minerals. Additionally, as a one-time only solution, the ARMOR Blush Repair can be applied to the surface in the late afternoon, which will re-emulsify the sealer allowing the minerals to be absorbed by the sealer.
  • To prevent mineral deposits from forming on the acrylic sealer, simply wash off any unfiltered water with filtered water. If the water source is an irrigation system, direct the irrigation away from the concrete so that the unfiltered water doesn’t come into contact with the concrete surface. To prevent saltwater pool stains, simply rinse off the acrylic sealer in the areas that were wet with salt water before the water evaporates.

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