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How Long do You Have to Wait to Seal Concrete?

Some sealers require concrete to be fully cured, and other sealers are designed to be applied to new concrete.

If you are trying to seal your new concrete with a silicate sealer, a silane-siloxane sealer, or an acrylic sealer that doesn’t double as a cure and seal, then you want to wait for the concrete to be fully cured, which is around 28 days. If you are applying a concrete coating to an interior concrete floor and you need to grind the concrete in order to prepare it for coating adhesion, then you should wait at least 60 days for the concrete to fully harden.

If your concrete is fully cured and you are looking to seal it, consider the Armor SX5000 WB, Armor AR350, and Armor AR500.

If you don’t want to wait for the concrete to fully cure, or if you want to use a cure and seal to help protect the concrete while it is properly curing, you can use an acrylic cure and seal. Once the concrete has been poured and appears fully dried, a cure and seal can be applied.

If your concrete is new and you are looking for a cure and seal, consider the Armor WB15, Armor WB25, Armor LV15, and Armor LV25.

For specific guidelines, it is always best to check with the sealer manufacturer and call their technicians with any specific questions.

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