Garage Floors

Garage Floor Sealers & Coatings

From penetrating non-slip sealers, to oil and gas resistant coatings, Foundation Armor manufactures a complete line of products to clean and seal your garage floor. Whether you use your garage simply to park cars, or run a repair shop out of your home, our products are designed to work hard at protecting your floor so you don’t have to! They are professional grade, easy to apply, and long lasting!




Penetrating Garage Floor Sealers

Foundation Armor’s line of penetrating sealers will protect the surface of the concrete without changing the look or color. They are naturally non-slip and won’t leave behind a visible surface film. They chemically react below the surface to form an invisible, long lasting hydrophobic barrier within the pores that will cause water and other liquids to bead off the surface.

Garage floors sealed with a Foundation Armor sealer are more resistant to exposure to water, snow and ice, road salts, mold and mildew, efflorescence, and oil spills. Penetrating sealers are great to use if you are looking to reduce staining and deterioration.




Water Repellent Garage Floor Sealers

Armor SX5000 - DOT approved, high solids, solvent based Silane Siloxane water repellent sealer.

Armor SX5000 WB - DOT approved, high solids, water based Silane Siloxane water repellent sealer.

Armor SC25 - Cost effective, high solids, water based Siliconate water repellent sealer. 1 coat application.



Concrete Densifiers & Surface Hardeners

For concrete that is weak or already showing signs of deterioration, a densifier can help to increase the strength and density of the surface by up to 45%. Foundation Armor densifiers come in concentrated and offer a permanent, cost effective solution for reducing further deterioration caused by surface abrasion.

Once a surface has been sealed with a densifier, a water repellent sealer or coating should be applied to further protect the surface. If you aren’t sure if you require a densifier, or have product or compatibility questions, please contact a Foundation Armor Technician.

Armor S2000 - Concentrated sodium silicate densifier for porous concrete surfaces.

Armor L3000 - Concentrated lithium silicate densifier for dense concrete surfaces.




Garage Floor Coatings

Foundation Armor’s line of professional grade garage floor coatings are easy to apply and can provide up to 10 years of life before the need for a recoat. The durable finish left behind by Foundation Armor coatings is resistant to snow and ice, road salts, hot tire pickup, and oil and gas.

Armor UTN60 - Industrial grade urethane coating that will provide up to 10+ years of protection against harsh fluids and chemicals. Must be applied to a floor that has been prepped to a 40-80 grit finish.

Armor Epoxy - High solids, 2 part, water based epoxy primer and top coat that can help to reduce moisture by up to 7 LBS.

Armor AR350 - Easy to apply low gloss pure acrylic lacquer coating.

Armor AR500 - Easy to apply high gloss pure acrylic lacquer coating.

Armor AX25 - Easy to apply siloxane infused high gloss acrylic coating offer superior water repellency characteristics.



Concrete Cure and Seals for New Garage Floors

Foundation Armor manufactures a complete line of Cure and Seals for sealing concrete that is less than 28 days old. They are designed to protect the surfaces while assisting the concrete with water retention during the curing process. Foundation Armor cure and seals are ASTM tested and approved.

Armor WB25 - Water based high gloss acrylic copolymer cure and seal.

Armor LV25 - Solvent based high gloss acrylic copolymer cure and seal.

Armor AX25 - Siloxane infused high gloss acrylic copolymer cure and seal.

Armor SC25 - Siliconate water repellent sealer that can be applied to new, uncured concrete surfaces (not a cure and seal).




Garage Floor Cleaners

Foundation Armor manufactures a complete line of concrete cleaners to aid in the removal of stubborn stains. While the use of a Foundation Armor cleaner is not required, they can help to make the cleaner process quick and easy!

Armor ER100 - Proprietary blend of low odor acids, surfactants, and detergents for removing efflorescence from concrete surfaces.

Armor Rust Remover - Highly effective blend of acid and surfactants designed to remove rust stains, iron stains, and metallic discoloration.

Armor Concrete Cleaner - Micro Etcher - Deep cleans the concrete and opens up surface pores to allow for adequate adhesion of concrete coatings, and better acid staining color development and reaction.

Armor PH Balance - Superior blend of neutralizing agents and specialty additives used to help neutralize residues left behind from acid based stains, and the use of acid based cleaners.