Armor Concrete Wax - Gloss

Interior gloss concrete floor wax. Water based, cherry scented. 

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Armor Concrete Wax is a cherry scented water based acrylic floor wax designed to enhance and seal interior concrete floors. It yields rapid gloss build and superior long term wear characteristics. It is a fantastic, easy to apply semi-sacrificial coating for unsealed smooth concrete surfaces. It is also great for refreshing surfaces previously sealed with an acrylic, epoxy, or urethane based coating. Easily applied with a microfiber mop, the Armor Concrete Wax is a great choice for applications looking for a quick and easy to apply solution for sealing and enhancing interior concrete floors.


¨ Provides a clear gloss finish 

¨ Provides resistance to surface abrasion and scuffing

- Reduces concrete dusting and some concrete staining

¨ Great smelling cherry scent

¨ Non-flammable, non-combustible, non-corrosive and non-hazardous

¨ Breathable

¨ Made from US Manufactured non-recycled resins

¨ Can be applied to interior unsealed smooth surfaces, and interior surfaces previously sealed with an acrylic, epoxy, or urethane coating

- Designed for smooth, unprepped interior concrete surfaces

Surface Preparation

The Armor Concrete Wax should be applied to a completely clean and dry surface. If the surface was wet during the cleaning process, allow 24 hours to dry.


One gallon covers up to 400 ft2 in one coat. Coverage may very depending on application and applicator. 


Using a  microfiber mop, apply at a rate of roughly 400  ft2 per gallon. The Armor Concrete Wax is designed to be applied in thin coats, it is not a high build coating. Apply wax in one direction to ensure a uniform finish. Do not puddle.

Allow 1-3 hours to dry and repeat with a second coat.


Clear gloss.


The applicator is responsible for suitability of application, and the results of the application. We suggest applying to a test area first to verify compatibility, absorption, coverage rate, and project suitability.


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