1 GAL Armor L3000 Concrete Densifier and Surface Hardener

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Concentrated lithium silicate concrete sealer for increasing the strength and density of the concrete.

UPC: 856994005114
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UPC: 856994005114

The Armor L3000 comes in concentrate and must be diluted with up to 3 gallons of water. It penetrates deep into the surface of the concrete where it chemically reacts to form a permanent Calcium Silicate Hydrate (CSH) structure within the pores. Concrete sealed with the Armor L3000 will experience an increase in surface strength and density up to 45%. While the Armor L3000 is a breathable sealer, the movement of water, moisture, and efflorescence through the pores of the concrete will be reduced.

The Armor L3000 can be applied to interior or exterior concrete surfaces.

Interested in how the Armor L3000 works? Read this amazing write-up recently published by All Garage Floors.

UPC: 856994005114

Coats     Coverage (once diluted with 3 gallons of water)

1 Coat   750-1000 ft²

2 Coats 375-500 ft²

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