Cure N Seal

Concrete Cure and Seal



Cure and Seal Products for All Concrete Types

Foundation Armor Cure and Seals are designed to enhance, protect, and help cure freshly placed interior and exterior, residential and commercial concrete surfaces. When applied on freshly placed concrete, they will provide a low to high gloss moisture-retentive film that will simultaneously cure and seal the concrete.

Foundation Armor cure and seals meet ASTM testing standards and can easily be applied with a pump sprayer or roller. The film left behind is resistant to UV rays, snow and ice, road salts, mold and mildew, and efflorescence.

Armor LV25 - Solvent based high gloss cure and seal.

Armor WB25 - Water based high gloss cure and seal.

Armor AX25 - Solvent based high solids Siloxane infused cure and seal for pool decks.

Armor SC25 - Invisible, penetrating sealer that can be applied to new concrete. Not a cure and seal.