Concrete Acid Stains and Concrete Cleaners

Foundation Armor manufactures products to clean, enhance, and seal a variety of interior and exterior concrete and masonry surfaces. From efflorescence removers and concrete cleaners, to coating repair products and acid stains, Foundation Armor manufactures everything you need to start and complete your project.

Acid Stains: Concentrated organic acid stain that provides a deep, lasting, permanent color to concrete surfaces.

Armor Concrete Cleaner & Micro Etcher: Concentrated concrete cleaner and micro etcher.

Armor Rust Remover: Concentrated rust remover.

Armor ER100: Concentrated efflorescence remover and cleaner.

Armor PH Balance: PH neutralizing agent for concrete.

Armor Blush Repair: Restoration agent for heavily coated existing solvent based acrylic sealers that have started to soften, fade, peel, crack, delaminate, and deteriorate.

Acid Stain Colors


Concrete Efflorescence Remover - Efflorescence Cleaner

1 GAL Armor ER100 Efflorescence Remover and Cleaner

Concrete Cleaner

1 GAL Armor Concrete Cleaner and Micro Etcher

Concrete PH Balance

1 GAL Armor PH Balance

Concrete Acrylic Coating Repair

1 GAL Armor Blush Repair for Acrylic Sealers