1 GAL Armor Acid Stain for Concrete Surfaces

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Deep penetrating permanent acid stains for interior and exterior concrete surfaces.
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Armor Acid Stains react chemically with the mineral content and excess lime of the concrete surface for a deep penetrating, UV stable and permanent stain.


Per gallon coverage is 150-300FT2.

Coverage rates vary depending upon surface porosity and texture, and application method. Excessive build up should be avoided. Please note that product can be diluted up to 1:1 with water yielding double the coverage per actual gallon of stain purchased.

Technical Information

  • Drying Time: 1 - 6 hours
  • Re-Coat Time: 4 - 24 hours
  • Application Temp: 40°F - 85°F
  • VOC Content: 0 g/l


Always test the stain in an inconspicuous place. Allow to dry for 4-6 hours. Rinse the test area and observe the color while wet.

  1. Protect all areas not to be stained. Mask off all adjacent surfaces with painter’s tape or plastic duct tape. Use a plastic or coated cardboard as a spray shield. Plastic or polyethylene sprayers and buckets are recommended for application.
  2. If using multiple colors, always start with the lightest color first as a base coat.
  3. Mop, sponge, or spray the stain over the area being colored. Apply at a rate of up to 150-300 sq. ft. per gallon of stain. Always use an acid resistant plastic sprayer.
  4. Allow the stain to dry thoroughly (typically 4-6 hours) and rinse thoroughly by mop with the Foundation Armor Concrete Neutralizer.
  5. Allow the area to dry over night and seal with 1-2 of a low viscosity sealer such as

Top Coats

Any of the Foundation Armor solvent-based top coats can be applied to the surface once stained. For a durable, long-lasting finish consider one of the many Foundation Armor concrete coatings including the Armor UTN60, Armor Epoxy, Armor AR350, Armor AR500, or the Armor AX25.

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