If applied correctly the right patio sealer can protect and keep your concrete patio looking new for many years.


When it comes to finding the right sealer for a concrete patio, the most important things to know are:


  • How to choose the right sealer;

  • How to apply the sealer, and;

  • How much you need to buy.


The Benefits of Using a Patio Sealer


  • Patio sealers protect your concrete against stains, oil and other contaminants. They also protect against scratches.


  • Patio sealers make the concrete surface easier to maintain and clean.


  • Patio sealers enrich the color and surface appearance. The surface appearance can range from satin to high gloss.


  • Patio sealers can be installed with a pump sprayer or nap roller. A moderately experienced DIYer can handle it or you can hire a contractor to install it for you.

Types of Patio Sealers


Acrylic sealers or solvent-based sealers, like the Armor 350, Armor 500, Armor AX25, Armor LV25 and AG Brown Seal are the most common type of patio sealers. Acrylic sealers are easy to apply, affordable and breathable, which allows moisture in the slab to escape the surface. Foundation Armor patio sealers are UV resistant and non-yellowing.


If you don’t want to change the look of your patio, the Armor SX 5000 is a Silane Siloxane water repellent patio sealer that won’t leave behind a surface film or change the color. The Armor SC25 is a cost effective Siliconate water repellent patio sealer.


Types of Finishes


Similar to buying paints, you can select the type of finish for your patio sealer. There are 2 main patio finish types:


  • High Gloss, Wet Look – This solvent-based sealer ranges from glossy to high gloss finish with a wet look.

  • Natural or No Gloss – This penetrating sealer doesn’t change the look of your patio.

Colors: Foundation Armor acrylic patio sealers are available 14 colors.



Creating Non Slip Surfaces


Our Non-Slip Additive for Acrylic patio sealers can be added to add texture and decrease surface slickness. We offer coarse and fine non-slip additives.


If you want the safest surface available, the Armor SX5000 is the perfect patio sealer to penetrate below the surface and leave a natural look (no gloss).


Applying the Product


Before applying the concrete sealer on your patio, be sure that the surface is clean and dry. If applying to a freshly poured concrete, it’s important to allow the concrete to cure properly. This is generally several weeks after placement, depending on weather conditions. It is important for concrete to be completely free from moisture before applying any concrete sealer. Here are a few patio sealer tips:


  • Don’t apply the patio sealer too thick or it may puddle rather than penetrate. Acrylic sealers are designed to be thin.


  • Apply the sealer as two thin coats rather than one thick heavy coat to achieve uniform coverage.


  • Don’t apply a solvent based sealer over a water based sealer because the solvent based sealer could soften the sealer.


  • Refer to our technical data sheets for application guidelines on surface preparation, recommended application tools and dry times.


How Much Should You Buy

After selecting the right patio sealer for your project, you now need to determine how much sealer to buy. Coverage rates are calculated by square footage. The average coverage rate is 250 FT2/gallon in one coat. Coverage rates will vary depending upon surface porosity and texture, and application method.


Saving Tip: Foundation Armor patio sealer products are available in 5 GAL pails, which is more affordable than purchasing 1 GAL units. If you are a DIYer, it isn’t a bad idea to have extra on hand in case you run into issues.


Additional questions? For help selecting the right patio sealer for your project, contact Foundation Armor at 866-306-0246 or live chat.


After applying the AR500, a high gloss acrylic sealer, on his stamped patio Jim wrote, I used the AR 500 on a stamped concrete patio. I applied two coats with a 3/4 nap roller and brushed the edge against a wall. It was super easy to apply and looks great. Finally found a great product I can brag on. Everyone that sees it wants to know what I used so I gladly recommend it!