Sealing pavers with a wet look finish is very easy to do, and can be done in just a few simple steps. First, you want to choose a wet Applying a Sealer to Pavers look paver sealer. The two most popular wet look sealers are the Armor AR350 and the Armor AR500. The Armor AR350 will darken the surface of the pavers to make them look wet, and leave behind a visible, low gloss surface film. The Armor AR500 will darken the surface of the pavers to make them look wet, and leave behind a visible, high gloss surface film. Both products will have identical application steps.

Once you have decided on the wet look paver sealer, you want to prep the pavers so that they can be sealed. Clean the surface of the pavers to make sure they are clean and free of anything that could prevent proper penetration or bonding. Pressure washers tend to be a preferred method of cleaning. If the pavers were wet in the cleaning process, allow them at least 24 hours to fully dry. 

Once the pavers have been cleaned, and given at least 24 hours to dry, then you can proceed with applying the first coat of the paver sealer. Using a 3/8-1/2" roller, or a pump sprayer, apply the first coat to the pavers. The first coat will go on heavier because the pavers will soak up a lot of material. The paver sealer should be applied in the late afternoon or early evening once the pavers have had a chance to cool from exposure to the sun.

Once the first coat has been applied to the pavers, you want to wait 24 hours before repeating with a second coat. This will allow for better film formation, a stronger surface coating, and a higher level of gloss. A true wet look finish, and even level of gloss, won't be achieved until the second coat has been applied. 

Video on How To Apply a Wet Look Sealer to Pavers