Acid staining concrete surfaces can be done in a few simple steps:

Step 1: Protect all areas not to be stained. Mask off all adjacent surfaces with painter’s tape or plastic duct tape. Use a plastic or coated cardboard as a spray shield. Plastic or polyethylene sprayers and buckets are recommended for application.

Step 2: Mop, sponge, or spray the acid stain over the area being colored. Apply at a rate of up to 150-300 FT2/gallon. If using multiple colors, start with the lightest color first.

Step 3: Allow the stain to dry for 4-6 hours and rinse thoroughly by mop with a neutralizing agent.

Step 4: Protect the concrete and the life of the color by applying a clear concrete coating to the surface.

When acid staining concrete, the concrete is your canvas. You can play around with dilution ratios, use one or several colors, and more. The imperfections of the design are what make acid stain so perfect.

Customer Photos:

The following photos were submit by a Foundation Armor customer. Weathered Wheat as the base color with Scarlet Red as the top color. The Foundation Armor epoxy was used to protect the acid stain and increase the shine of the floor.



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