There are a few different types of sealers that can be used to seal pavers. Which type of paver sealer is best for your paver application depends on what you want the pavers to look like once sealed.

High Gloss Paver Sealer

The best type of high gloss sealer to use on pavers will have an acrylic sealer. Under this category there are pure acrylic lacquer sealers (Armor AR500), acrylic co-polymer sealers (Armor LV25), acrylic infused sealers (Armor AX25), and water based acrylic sealers (Armor WB25). All Foundation Armor sealers use a high quality blend of resins and will provide a service life of up to 2-5 years before the need for a recoat. So what is the difference?

Armor AR500: The AR500 is our most popular high gloss acrylic sealer. It is easy apply, long lasting, and provides an attractive high gloss finish.

Armor AX25: The AX25 is great for use around pool decks, or areas that are constantly exposed to water. The Siloxanecomponant infused into the AX25 gives it more water repellency and a higher resistance to constant water exposure.

Armor LV25: The Armor LV25 is an acrylic co-polymer sealer that is also used as a cure and seal. While the finished coat is not as strong as the AR500, it is a great alternative for an affordable high gloss acrylic sealer.

Armor WB25: The Armor WB25 is a water based acrylic copolymer best used for jobs where water based acrylics are required.

How To Apply a High Gloss Paver Sealer

Pavers are typically more porous than concrete and for that reason a high gloss sealer applied to concrete will have a higher gloss level than that same sealer being applied to pavers. Here are a few suggestions to bring you optimal gloss on pavers:

1. Apply the sealer with a roller. A roller will encourage the material to sit on the surface instead of being pushed into the pores.

2. If you are using a solvent based acrylic, apply the first coat and wait 24 hours before applying the second coat. This will allow the first coat to cure and harden so that the second coat doesn't penetrate as deep - leaving more of a surface film.

High Gloss Paver Sealer Images


Armor SX5000 Penetrating Silane Siloxane Concrete Sealer and Masonry Water Repellent (5 GAL)

Armor AR350 Solvent Based Acrylic Wet Look Concrete Sealer and Paver Sealer (5 GAL)

Armor AR500 Solvent Based Wet Look High Gloss Acrylic Concrete Sealer and Paver Sealer (5 GAL)

Armor UTN60 Oil and Gas Resistant Aliphatic Urethane Concrete Floor Coating

5 GAL Armor S2000 Concentrated Sodium Silicate Concrete Densifier Sealer and Surface Hardener

Armor SC25 Siliconate Water Repellent Concrete Sealer with Salt Guard (1 GAL)