Are you looking to add color to your garage floor? Instead of seeing your garage as a space to park your car and store your tools, imagine it as a space you actually want to show off! This isn’t just a do-it-yourself project that you want to take on with high gloss paint. In order to complete the project properly, you need to invest in a professional-grade garage floor coatings. Not using the right materials means you will be redoing the project in a few short months thanks to scuffing, spills, and more.


With garage floor coatings from Foundation Armor, you get the benefits of sealing your garage floor and the look of an added design feature. Products from our company are 100% made in the USA. This means they are also made to last. We have color options to match every design aesthetic, whether you prefer bold tones or muted shades. Make a change you want to show off to your friends with concrete floor coatings from Foundation Armor.

Concrete Floor Coatings Serve a Functional Purpose

Did you hear about concrete floor coatings because you saw someone else use them? Do you like the look of this home update? Concrete floor coatings do much more than paint, they also serve a functional purpose. Professional-grade concrete floor coatings from Foundation Armor can actually provide 10 years of life before needing a recoat.


Your concrete flooring makeover made possible by Foundation Armor does more than spruce up your garage. The benefits of adding concrete floor coatings from Foundation Armor include:


Easy Application

                Resistance to Snow and Ice

                Resistance to Road Sales and Hot Tire Pickup

                Minimizing Damage from Harsh Fluids and Chemicals

                Reduction of Moisture in Your Garage

                Potentially Repelling Water (Armor AX25)


Concrete Floor Coatings Serve a Design Purpose

Concrete floor coatings is a popular solution for homeowners because of the opportunity to add a long-lasting design element to your garage.


Foundation Armor has two types of garage floor coatings available – either low gloss or high gloss. Once you choose your preferred level of glossiness, then select the color. Both the high and low gloss options are made with acrylic.


Garage Floor Coatings From Foundation Armor

The three most popular garage floor coating options from Foundation Armor are:

                Armor AR350: This wet look, low gloss sealer will darker the surface of the concrete and give it a similar appearance to being wet. If your current garage concrete is dull and faded, this option helps your surface look renewed. Made from acrylic.

                Armor AR500: This wet look, high gloss sealer bonds to the concrete from below the surface. If your concrete is dull or faded, this high gloss look refreshes the floor. Made from acrylic.

                Armor AX25: This easy application, high gloss acrylic comes with superior water repellency. It brings up the color of the concrete and resists mold and mildew. Whether your surface is sealed or unsealer, you can add AX25. Made from acrylic and a Siloxane water repellent sealer.


More Products From Foundation Armor

From oil and gas resistant coatings to penetrating non slip sealers, Foundation Armor has the product for you. We sell more than just garage floor coatings. This means if you want to add a surface hardener before coating your floor, you only need to reach out to Foundation Armor. 


About Foundation Armor

Foundation Armor is proud to be a family-owned manufacturer that is an international distributor of 100% made in the USA sealers and coatings. Our products work for residential and commercial applications. We work directly with homeowners as well as with contractors on a regular basis. So, whether you are a on-time purchaser or want to make purchases for all of your business projects, Foundation Armor is able to help. If you need help selecting the right product for your garage floor project, reach out to us on our website live chat feature or call (866) 306-0246.