DIY Projects

  1. Getting Your Pool Deck Ready for Spring

    With Spring just around the corner, it is time to starting thinking about sealing your pool deck! Sealing your concrete or pavers will make sure your pool deck is protected against damage and deterioration caused by water absorption and surface abrasion. 

    Why should I seal my pool deck? Water, salt, and chlorine can be very damaging to your concrete and pavers. They cause cracking, spalling, pitting, and staining. Hard rains, high winds, and even foot traffic will slowly eat away at the surface of your pool deck. If left unsealed, you will find your pool deck is harder to clean, harder to maintain, and will start to show signs of deterioration. There are many benefits to sealing your concrete or paver pool deck, including:

    • Sealers can help to reduce damage, deterioration, and staining caused by water absorption and surface abrasion.
    • Sealers can help to reduce the growth of mold and mildew and the surface, and make it easier to clean
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  2. Concrete Sealer Buying Guide 2022

    With so many concrete sealers on the market, it can be hard to figure out which sealer is the best sealer for your concrete application. To help make that decision easier, we wanted to put together a concrete sealer buying guide to help you make the best decision for your concrete project.

    Before choosing the best sealer, you need to evaluate what you currently have down. If your concrete is sealed, it may have an impact on what you can reseal your concrete with. Here are some of the most common types of concrete sealers, and what you can use to reseal them with:

    • Concrete Densifier: Concrete densifiers work entirely below the surface. They won't leave a film or coating, and they don't offer any beading characteristics. For that reason, just about any sealer can be applied to concrete previously sealed with a concrete densifier so long as it has been at least
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  3. George Bush Presidential Library


    George W Bush Presidential Library Used ARMOR SX5000

    George W Bush Presidential Library

    George W Bush Library is America’s 13th Presidential Library and Museum located in Dallas, Texas. This is the Nation's official record keeper that serves as administrator for records of the United States Federal Government. The George W Bush Library is a repository for textual, electronic, and audiovisual Presidential records including domestic and foreign Presidential gifts. The records at the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum serve as a resource for the study of American history, the American Presidency, and important issues of public policy.


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  4. Inde Motorsport Ranch

    Inde Motorsports Concrete Sealer ARMOR AR500

    Inde Motorsports Ranch

    Inde Motorsports Ranch is a members only private raceway and motorsports resort located outside of Tucson, AZ.  With over 1,700 acres surrounded by amazing desert mountain views and local Arizona wine country. Inde Motorsports Ranch offers their members unlimited access to our challenging high speed 2.75 mile road course and first class facilities at all times of operation.

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  5. Garage Floor Coatings – Add Color to Your Garage Floor

    Are you looking to add color to your garage floor? Instead of seeing your garage as a space to park your car and store your tools, imagine it as a space you actually want to show off! This isn’t just a do-it-yourself project that you want to take on with high gloss paint. In order to complete the project properly, you need to invest in a professional-grade garage floor coatings. Not using the right materials means you will be redoing the project in a few short months thanks to scuffing, spills, and more.


    With garage floor coatings from Foundation Armor, you get the benefits of sealing your garage floor and the look of an added design feature. Products from our company are 100% made in the USA. This means they are also made to last. We have color options to match every design aesthetic, whether you prefer bold tones or muted shades. Make a change you want to show off to your friends with concrete floor coatings from Foundation Armor.

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  6. What is a Penetrating Sealer?

    What is a penetrating sealer? A penetrating sealer is a sealer that penetrates deep into the surface of the concrete or masonry where it chemically reacts below the surface from within the pores. Penetrating sealers do not leave behind a visible surface film, and most of them will not change the look or color of the surface.

    Types of Penetrating Sealers: Sodium Silicate and Lithium Silicate

    Under the category of silicate sealers, there are sodium silicate sealers and lithium silicate sealers. Potassium silicate is on the market but is not high enough quality for masonry work. Sodium and lithium silicate sealers penetrate into the surface where they chemically react with the free lime and calcium within the pores. The reaction forms a permanent calcium silicate hydrate structure that resembles a crystalline structure. The goal with

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  7. Concrete Sealer Buying Tips Part 1

    Your concrete installation isn’t complete without applying a concrete sealer. Concrete sealers can be applied to your driveway, patio, pool deck, garage floor, basement walls, concrete curbing, clay tile roof, and more.


    By taking the time to put down a concrete sealer, you will not only extend the life of your concrete, but you can also enhance and preserve its appearance for years to come.


    When properly applied, Foundation Armor concrete sealer products:


    • Block the penetration of dirt, stains, oil, grease and chemicals;

    • Enhance the color with Acrylic, Urethane and Acid Stain color options;

    • Enhance the surface appearance with sheens ranging

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  8. Customer Spotlight: UTN60 Garage Floor Coating in Arabian Sand

    The Product: UTN60 Garage Floor Coating with Arabian Sand Color Pack

    Location: New Hampshire

    Application: Using a floor machine rented from Home Depot, customer prepped the floor to a 40 grit finished then cleaned the concrete and let it dry. Once dry, customer added Arabian Sand color to mixed UTN60 then applied to floor with a nap roller. 10 hours later, a second coat was applied the same way.




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  9. Customer Spotlight: AR350 Satin Sheen Sealer on Stamped Concrete Pool Deck

    The Product: Armor AR350 in clear.

    Location: Massachusetts

    Application: Customer cleaned concrete using a pressure washer, then let dry. Using a nap roller, applied first coat. Waited 24 hours then repeat with a second coat. Let dry.

    Before Photos:

    After Photos:


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  10. Customer Spotlight: UTN60 Basement Floor Coating in Medium Gray

    Product:  UTN60 Garage Floor Coating with Medium Gray Color Pack

    Application: Using a floor machine rented from Home Depot, customer prepped the floor to a 40 grit finished then cleaned the concrete and let it dry. Once dry, customer added Medium Gray color to mixed UTN60 then applied to floor with a nap roller. 10 hours later, a second coat was applied the same way. Note: Customer could not empty basement and therefore completed the floor in pieces. He taped off half the floor and once cured, proceeded to finishing second half.



    After Photos:

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