An essential step in prolonging the life of your driveway is sealing the concrete. Whether you have pavers, large concrete slabs, or concrete blocks, the right sealer extends the lifetime of the driveway. In addition, concrete sealers improve the appearance of this decorative feature. Protect your investment and improve your curb appeal with this cost-effective option.

What Concrete Sealers Can Be Used on a Driveway?

When it comes to sealing a concrete driveway, a few different products can be used. The best sealer for your driveway ultimately comes down to your reason for sealing, and what you want the concrete to look like once sealed. There are three common types of concrete sealers:

Concrete Densifier: Sodium and lithium silicate sealers, also known as concrete densifiers, are used to increase the strength and density of the concrete. These should be used if you are looking to increase the strength of the concrete, or if you have weak or deteriorating concrete. Once the surface has been sealed with a densifier, wait 5-7 days and then seal with a water repellent to reduce further deterioration. This is especially in in areas that experience strong winters because your concrete deteriorates thanks to water, snow and ice, and/or salt.

Water Repellent Concrete Sealer:Silane-Siloxane or Siliconate sealers, also known as water repellent sealers, are used to reduce deterioration, cracking, and spalling caused by water absorption, freeze-thaw damage, and salt damage. They are also used to reduce staining, and the growth of mold and mildew on the surface. They will not change the look or color of the concrete. In fact, water repellent concrete sealer works entirely within the surface to protect the concrete for up to 10 years.

Acrylic Concrete Sealer: Acrylic sealers offer a clear or colored wet look, low gloss, or high gloss finish. If you are looking to change the color of the driveway, or enhance it, you want an acrylic sealer. While water based acrylics are popular because of their low VOC’s, they are very hard to repair and maintain. Solvent based acrylics are easy to apply, easy to repair, and easy to maintain. They will also enhance dull or faded surfaces more than a water based acrylic sealer would.

Common Customer Needs for Concrete Sealers

Still aren’t sure what to use? Here are a few suggestions based on common customer needs:

  1. Don’t want to change the color of the concrete: Water Repellent Sealer
  2. Want a wet look, low gloss, or high gloss finish: Acrylic Sealer
  3. Want to change the color: Acrylic Sealer
  4. Want to stop damage caused during snow and ice storms: Water Repellent Sealer
  5. Need to strengthen weak or chipping concrete: Concrete Densifier followed by Water Repellent Sealer
  6. Want to stop mold and mildew growth, and reduce stains: Water Repellent Sealer
  7. Want protection against freeze thaw and salt damage: Water Repellent Sealer

Where To Purchase Concrete Sealers

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