When selecting which concrete sealer to purchase for your project, it is important to understand the different types of chemicals that are used when manufacturing concrete sealers. The different chemical types not only impact how the sealer will look when it dries, the chemical type will also impact how the concrete sealer performs.


The following chart outlines the different chemical types and where each should be used.


Chemical Type

Suggested Applications

How They Work

How They Look

How They Perform

Silanes, Siloxanes, Silicates, Siliconates

These sealers can be applied to exterior surfaces including, concrete, brick, pavers, flagstone, aggregate and natural stone.

These penetrating sealers chemically react beneath the surface to protect against moisture, salt damage, mold and mildew.

These sealers won’t change the look of your concrete. They offer invisible protection that penetrates beneath the surface and doesn’t leave a sheen.

These sealers are water resistant, UV resistant, and breathable.


These sealers enhance interior and exterior surfaces, including concrete, stamped, and exposed aggregate.

These sealers form a thin protective film on the surface. We offer solvent based and water based acrylic concrete sealers.

These sealers are available in a range of sheen levels from wet look low gloss to high gloss. Solvent based acrylic sealers generally enhance the color better than water based. The Acrylic sealers are available clear and 13 color options.

The solvent based sealers generally perform better for outdoor use. The water based sealers are softer and require regular maintenance to prevent wear.


These sealers are best applied to interior concrete floors.

These sealers are resistant to oil, gas, harsh liquids and chemicals. The UTN60 can be applied as a base and top coat.

The UTN60 is available in clear, as we as 15 color options.

When applied correctly, these sealers provide years of life.


These sealers are great for coating concrete surfaces including, garage and basement floors, warehouse and shop floors, and restaurant floors.

These sealers offer an aggressive bond to the concrete surface.  When properly applied, they can reduce 7-10 lbs of moisture.

The Armor Epoxy offers a high gloss, long lasting finish.

The Armor Epoxy is sold as a 40% solids formula and we offer custom blends up to 100% solids.

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After applying the Armor UTN60 on his garage floor, Ross wrote, “I am very happy with this product, how great the finished look turned out, and how durable the product is. The first week I had the UTN60 down I spilled about a pint of oil on the coating and it didn't impact the coating at all. I was able to clean up the oil without hurting the coating or leaving behind any stains. I have high hopes for this product and so far, I am very impressed!”