Your concrete installation isn’t complete without applying a concrete sealer. Concrete sealers can be applied to your driveway, patio, pool deck, garage floor, basement walls, concrete curbing, clay tile roof, and more.


By taking the time to put down a concrete sealer, you will not only extend the life of your concrete, but you can also enhance and preserve its appearance for years to come.


When properly applied, Foundation Armor concrete sealer products:


  • Block the penetration of dirt, stains, oil, grease and chemicals;

  • Enhance the color with Acrylic, Urethane and Acid Stain color options;

  • Enhance the surface appearance with sheens ranging from satin to high gloss;

  • Protect against scratches and wear from vehicle and foot traffic; and

  • Prevent intrusion of water and chlorides, which minimizes damage from moisture and freeze thaw.


How to Select the Right Concrete Sealer


The keys to selecting the right concrete sealer are determined by:


  • What you want the finished product to look like;

  • What you want to achieve with your concrete sealer; and

  • Whether or not your concrete has been sealed before.


Selecting a Look


For a natural look concrete sealer, we recommend the Armor SX5000 and SX5000 WB. For a wet look, low gloss finish, we recommend the Armor AR350, our #1 selling wet look sealer. For a wet look, high gloss finish, we recommend the Armor AR500 and AX25.


To improve the aesthetics or hide imperfections in your concrete, we recommend adding a color tint pack to any of our acrylic sealers, the Armor UTN60, or the Armor Acid Stain.


Freshly Poured Concrete

For freshly poured concrete, we recommend the Armor WB25 or LV25, which is approved as a cure and seal for concrete less than 28 days old. Color tint packs can also be added to these products.


Previously Sealed Concrete


For previously sealed concrete, always use the same kind of sealer that was originally applied, either solvent or water based. Be sure to test a small patch before applying the new sealer to the length of the surface.


How Much Concrete Sealer to Buy


Once you determine the right concrete sealer for your project, the next step is to determine how much to buy. All of our products have technical data sheets that offer coverage and application instructions. In general, when applied correctly, one gallon will cover 250 square feet. To calculate how much sealer you need, take the overall square footage of your project and divide it by the coverage rate:


900 sq. ft. / 250 = 3.6, or 4 gallons of concrete sealer


In most cases, if your project requires 4 gallons of concrete sealer, it will be more affordable to purchase a 5 gallon pail. This will ensure that you have enough sealer in case you run into issues during installation.


Additional questions? For help selecting the right concrete sealer for your next project or for questions during the installation process, our technicians are available to help. Call 866-306-0246 or talk to us on live chat.


About Foundation Armor

Foundation Armor manufacturers professional grade sealers, coatings and repair products in the USA and distributes to DIYers and Contractors nationwide. Our products are breathable, UV resistant and easy to apply. They won’t peel, yellow or chip. For large orders, ask about our pallet and drum pricing.


After applying the AX25 on her pool deck, Lorina wrote, “I have had nothing but issues with every product I have every used. I have a stamped concrete pool deck and everything I applied has only lasted 6 months. I stripped my patio and applied the Armor AX25. This product looks as good as it did the first day I applied it. It beads water like a water repellent but looks like a nice, high gloss sealer. I am very happy with the performance of this product. It is absolutely worth it!”