When it comes to sealing a brick wall there are a few different types of brick sealers that can be used. The first type of brick sealer is a Densifier and the second is a water repellent sealer. Densifiers sealers, like the Armor S2000 and Armor L3000, are used if the brick needs an increase in strength or density. Brick that is deteriorating or showing signs of weakness would use a Densifier to help strengthen the brick by up to 45% from within the pores. Water repellent sealers, like the Armor SC25 or the Armor SX5000, are designed to protect the brick from the deterioration caused by water absorption, and the growth of mold and mildew. Water repellents are great long lasting sealers that won't change the look or color of the brick, and will help prevent cracking, spalling, and pitting caused by water, snow and ice, and salt.

If you are looking to change the color of the brick, paints and acrylics can be used. A test area should always be applied first however because brick is very porous and will allow large amounts of water and moisture to pass through the pores and grout lines. Water and moisture will often cause paints and acrylics to peel which is why penetrating sealers are the best option for sealing a brick wall.


Armor SX5000 Penetrating Silane Siloxane Concrete Sealer and Masonry Water Repellent (5 GAL)

Armor AR350 Solvent Based Acrylic Wet Look Concrete Sealer and Paver Sealer (5 GAL)

Armor AR500 Solvent Based Wet Look High Gloss Acrylic Concrete Sealer and Paver Sealer (5 GAL)

Armor UTN60 Oil and Gas Resistant Aliphatic Urethane Concrete Floor Coating

5 GAL Armor S2000 Concentrated Sodium Silicate Concrete Densifier Sealer and Surface Hardener

Armor SC25 Siliconate Water Repellent Concrete Sealer with Salt Guard (1 GAL)