George W Bush Presidential Library Used ARMOR SX5000

George W Bush Presidential Library

George W Bush Library is America’s 13th Presidential Library and Museum located in Dallas, Texas. This is the Nation's official record keeper that serves as administrator for records of the United States Federal Government. The George W Bush Library is a repository for textual, electronic, and audiovisual Presidential records including domestic and foreign Presidential gifts. The records at the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum serve as a resource for the study of American history, the American Presidency, and important issues of public policy.


Seal exterior travertine tile and concrete with a sealer/ water repellent to reduce staining and discoloration from commercial traffic and everyday wear and tear.

 Product Used:

The ARMOR SX5000 was the product selected to seal the presidential library.  Used for its superior water repellency, protection and long life expectancy, the SX5000 DOT approved concrete water repellent is perfect for stone, concrete, brick and other masonry surfaces.

Concrete and travertine sealer used to protect the George W Bush Presidential Library