The best concrete cure and seal must meet ASTM C 1315 standards defined as a membrane-forming liquid suitable for use as curing compounds and sealers for fresh and hardened concrete. The best cure and seal product should have good alkali resistance, acid resistance, adhesion-promoting qualities, and resistance to degradation by UV light. The materials are limited to clear or translucent and white pigmented materials.

ASTM C 1315 Cure and seal concrete sealers are a great way to protect and cure a new slab of concrete. While concrete is known to be strong and durable, there is a long and delicate curing process during the first 27 to 28 days.  During this period “the hydration process”, it is crucial that the concrete stays hydrated to ensure overall maximum strength when fully cured. Cracked or crumbling new concrete is a likely sign that concrete has been improperly mixed and/or cured.

Once the concrete is properly mixed, the key to curing is to maintain a consistence level of moisture and temperature for the first 27 to 28 days. This period of time allows the concrete to gain most of its potential strength. Without a proper curing process, the concrete will never be as strong as it could be, and it will continue to develop problems later in its life.

The best cure and seal concrete sealer meeting ASTM C 1315 will provide a membrane over the top of freshly poured concrete. This membrane helps to retain the proper amount of moisture while keeping the concrete at an adequate temperature for the curing process to be at its most effective.

An additional advantage of an acrylic-based cure and seal products is that they provide a layer of protection over the concrete.  This will provide additional protection above and beyond what a traditional cure and seal will provide, protecting from stains and foreign debris during the curing/hydration process. 

We Recommend the ARMOR LV25 (High Gloss/Solvent-Based), ARMOR WB25 (High Gloss/ Water-Based) or the ARMOR SC25 (Penetrating Sealer/ Water-Based (no change in appearance)).  We consider all of these to be the best concrete cure and seal products which meet/exceed the ASTM C 1315 Standards.